Miya Black, Pirate Princess
Miya Black, Pirate Princess 1 Pirates, islands, the importance of family and some smashing swordfights.
Miya Black, Pirate Princess 2 Miya Black, Pirate Princess 3 Miya Black, Pirate Princess 4 Miya Black, Pirate Princess 5

Charlotte Powers
Charlotte Powers 1 The chronicles of fifteen year-old Charlotte Powers, would-be Greatest Superhero and obsessive diarist.
Charlotte Powers 2 Charlotte Powers 3 Charlotte Powers 4 Charlotte Powers 5

Resonance 1 Gloomy yet vaguely hopeful ensemble fantasy superpowers thing.
Resonance 2

Other Books
Imogen Shroud 1 Other Books 1

The Author Person
profile BJK White! Lover of fine teas! Leastselling author! Can’t play the guitar! What is there to be said about such an author person? I like writing. I like books. I like writing books. I like you! (Probably.) I also like games and rules and laughing and being polite. And pirates. I really like pirates. I am not very tall but I recently lost a lot of weight. I am optimistic. I am increasingly a grown-up. I quite often tweet. I do not so often facebook. But I do always read all of my email.